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At Striking Smile Dentistry, we offer our clients an extensive range of dental and cosmetic services. Our equipment is state of the art and we have a passion for embracing new technologies and treatment modalities to ensure you are always provided with up to date knowledge and the best treatment options available when considering your oral health.

 At Striking Smile, we support you in your pursuit to achieve and maintain your own striking smile.

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  • At Striking Smile, we support you in your pursuit to achieve and maintain your own striking smile.
    - Dr. Melissa
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Cleanings and Examinations

Many people wonder if making it to their biannual dental appointment is really necessary.

The short answer is – yes!

Good preventive care helps reduce the risk for certain illnesses and can help patients achieve and maintain the level of excellent oral health that helps you look and feel your best.

Medical History

The biannual dental visit is a great opportunity to tell the dentist about any issues or discomfort you’ve been experiencing in your mouth. Patients should also want to give a detailed description of their medical history and come prepared with a list of any medications they are taking.

Knowing a full medical history allows dentists to gain a better understanding of their patients’ overall health. After all, there is a strong systemic link between oral health and the prevalence of many serious health concerns.

For example, periodontitis (advanced gum disease) is associated with heart disease, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and low birth weight in babies born to mothers with the disease.


Warning signs of some dental conditions may be so subtle that only a dentist can identify them.

During the biannual visit, the dentist will thoroughly examine the mouth and check for signs of tooth decay. Patients will also be evaluated for risk factors associated with illnesses such as bone loss and periodontal disease. This way, potential problems can be identified in their early stages while they are easily treatable.

The dentist will also check your bite and may administer x-rays or recommend other diagnostic measures.

Teeth Cleaning

During the visit, your teeth will be gently and professionally cleaned. The dental team will meticulously remove hard-to-reach plaque. At this time, patients may be given tips on how to improve their at-home care routine, and the dentist can demonstrate proper procedures for brushing and flossing.

A thorough teeth cleaning not only helps improve the health of your teeth, but also makes them look great! A good cleaning can actually have a whitening effect on the smile. A good cleaning will leave you looking and feeling great.

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